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NAND flash memory module imager.
















As well as our hard drive data recovery services, Data Retriever also offers capable electronic repair and recovery for flash memory devices. Memory cards (as found in mobile phones and cameras) are similar in design to USB drives and they share certain similarities that are both strengths (fairly shock-proof and often survive a trip through the washing machine) and weaknesses (sensitivity to electronic damage, often have a relatively weak casing, and most use FAT16/32 which is a fairly delicate file system).

CF card with failed control module

We offer electronic and physical repair for memory cards.















Data Retriever offers data recovery for USB drives and memory cards of most types. We commonly see SD and CF cards with electronic and physical issues, both of which are often repairable sufficiently for the rescue of your precious files or photos. Please contact us to discuss your own situation and we’ll do our very best to help!

Failed USB Drive

USB drives often require electronic repair.















Some video cameras use a mechanical hard drive instead of flash memory or video tapes. We are equipped to help you with these drives as well, just like laptop and desktop computer hard drives. This page is for flash memory recoveries; instead, see our Hard Drive Recovery and Pricing pages for reference if you have a mechanical hard drive from a video camera. These are typically referred to as a ‘1.8″ ZIF drive’, which refers to its size (1.8″ wide) and its connector (Zero Insertion Force, which is a ribbon cable from the drive to the camera).

1.8" ZIF HDD

1.8″ ZIF HDD

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